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Birnam Labs, LLC is based out of Kansas City, Missouri. The President and CEO of Birnam Labs, LLC holds a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema and Media Studies from the University of Chicago and has over 6 years of developing websites for a large number of companies. The Vice-President has a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from the University of Richmond and has worked in the educational non-profit sector.

popSmarts is Birnam Labs, LLC's premier software, and was created from a deep conviction that every internet user deserves nothing less than 100% control over their own browser. This means being able to visit sites without being plagued by unwanted popup ads. In doing so, popSmarts not only reduces annoyances, but is also filtering out frequently unsafe or even obscene material that is constantly flooding web browsers. popSmarts can give parents the peace of mind they deserve, instead of having to worry about not only the sites their children visit, but the advertisements they might see on an otherwise safe website. popSmarts can give office workers the freedom to use their company computer to do research without worring about pop-ups distracting them, and possibly making their research look questionable.

It's your browser - take it back!

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